Sunday, April 09, 2006

• I began drawing digitally in Painter a little more than a year ago. For some time, thanks to the example set by my long time friend and fellow artist Chris Ashley, I tried to develop a regular routine of drawing something every day. That exercise, for me, only lasted a few months. At that time, to keep my interest, I needed to draw images with a narrative quality. Above is an illustrations without a story. They have no supplied text to explain them; but I did have an internal dialogue as I was drawing; so, maybe, there is a hidden tale. Like an abstract expressionest, this dialogue is a way to move forward as you create a work.

When I was in graduate school, one of my professors and I had bit of an argument about the difference between illustration and fine art. My position, still, is that illustration can not exist on its own; but it needs text or some element outside of itself to be complete. Fine art is a complete statement on its own and does not need text to explain itself. The professor very casually dismissed me as not being worthy of having an opinion on the matter.

Illustrations can become even more interesting when appropriate text is either taken away from them or text that seem to not quite match the art is introduced.

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