Monday, June 11, 2007

Herbie #11

One of the oddest comic books to come out of the 1960's was Herbie. Herbie Popnecker is about the most low key, coolest superhero ever created. He may look like a fat nothing, as his father calls him in his stories; but Superman would have a tough time fighting him. It is also strange how all the leaders of the world know who Herbie is, aliens and creatures know who Herbie is; but his parents just think he is nothing - an embarrassment to them. Hummm, is that what has made Herbie such a cult favorite?

Here is the opening splash page from the first story in issue # 11 along with the final few pages of the story. That's a lollipop in Herbie's mouth.

art @ American Comics Group


Anonymous said...

I have visited your blog.
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Michael said...

Okay, wow. I'll have to pick up one of these - great!