Wednesday, June 06, 2007

House of Mystery # 155

The cover to House of Mystery # 155 is from 1965. It appears to be drawn by Jack Sparling. He was never one of my favorite comic book artists. I was always a bit disappointed if I picked up a book and discovered his art inside. I got the feeling that he must have been rushing through most of those assignments. He may have been the artist whom editors called if they needed someone to deliver a job quickly to get them back on schedule. Some of his work from the 1970's DC mystery books looked more polished. He must have been able to put more time into those later assignments.

Here is a one page story by Henry Boltinoff, from that same issue #155 of House of Mystery. The gag isn't very clever or funny. The cartoon gives a further example of the popularity of those monster model kits from Aurora. Aurora must have been an important advertising client for DC, for them to put a free blurb about Aurora's series of monster models into this filler piece. I wonder what the story, behind the scenes, of this cartoon's creation really was.

art @ DC Comics

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