Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tales Calculated to Drive You Bats #7

Tales Calculated to Drive You Bats was one of my favorite comic books in the early 1960's. It had been a humor magazine fashioned to be something similar to Tales Calculated to Drive You Mad; but this issue #7 tried to be a serious horror comic. The storyline change didn't work. This was the last issue. The triclopes Frankenstein cover was definitely an odd way to go out.

© Archie Comics


unka kreepy said...

I love Bats! Want to buy original Archie Bats artwork, and Archie's Madhouse art with monsters!

Freddie forever!

(BTW, skim my blogger Beat Pop page for oddball horror comics covers, cfa-apa fanzines, unpub'd EC artwork gallery)

ernie said...

Yes, it would be great to find some original art from those books!