Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Uncle Ernie did plant a pumpkin patch this year. Last year's pumpkins didn't get ripe until well after Thanksgiving, some pumpkins were still green on New Year's Day; so I planted this year's seeds at Easter.

Back on July 16, 2009 (first photo to the left) the pumpkin vines were beginning to creep about the garden; and the tomato plants were standing tall.

By August 17th (photo to the right), the leaves on the pumpkin vine were beginning to dry out. The dreaded powdery mildew was killing the leaves one by one; but the pumpkins seemed to be getting ripe. I spent a lot of money on fungicides last year; so this year, I decided to just let nature takes its course.

Here on September 1st, the pumpkins are not quite ripe yet; but the leaves have almost all dried up. The pumpkin vines are beginning to show some signs of drying up too. Maybe, in a couple of weeks the pumpkins will be ready for Halloween. This year, about a month early.

Back in April, A friend had given me a starter plant for an Asian pumpkin. It is meant for eating and I am told it should be very good. I had to re-plant that pumpkin plant, after either raccoons, cats, or both, had dug the young plant out of the ground. Only one pumpkin has matured; but another small pumpkins is beginning to grow - hidden under the tomato plants. I thing these should be all green; but this one has a orange bottom. I wonder if a little cross-pollination took place or have I waited too long to harvest it?

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Kris said...

Looking forward to more pumpkin updates. How goes the cartooning contest?