Monday, October 05, 2009

Dr Cyclops

One of my favorite mad scientist movies is Dr. Cyclops. It was one of those films which didn't get over played on my local TV stations when I was a kid - seeing it was always a surprise and a treat. I haven't watched it in a long time. It would be nice to see it again. I think I could still enjoy all of those zany mad scientist shenanigans.

Henry Kuttner wrote the story "Dr, Cyclops" for the June 1940 issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories. The release date for the movie was April 1940. I wonder if the story was just an adaption of the movie for a promotional tie-in.


The Editor said...

It was. The story is accompanied by photos from the movie, and the opening spread has the text, "This Sensational New Scientifiction Thriller Is Soon to be Released by PARAMOUNT PICTURES, INC."

Later in the issue, Kuttner writes about the process of adapting (or, as he oddly calls it, "fictionizing") the movie.

-Winston Engle
(editor of the revived THRILLING WONDER STORIES)

Uncle Ernie said...

Thanks! The timing of the movie and the story, plus how closely the cover art seems to match images from the film just didn't look like a coincidence.