Friday, April 07, 2006

•Intaglio is my lost love. This hard ground and aquatint print of mine is twenty-five years old. I made it as an undergraduate art major at California State University Hayward. Even then, I was trying to get a creature into my work.

If I were to walk into an etching studio now, the smells of the ink and paper would time-warp me back to a very pleasent, and hard working, time in my life.

I can't explain what this birdman is about. If you can talk about your art and explain it, you are doing illustration. Personal art is difficult to explain. That may be the abstract expressionist in me speaking - just do it and let your art appear out of the process of making art. I do not see illustration as lesser in status from fine art. At it's highest levels, it is equal to what is thought of as fine art. Just look at the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo did some great illustrations there. It may be argued that there was no fine art before Marcel Duchamp.

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