Thursday, June 21, 2007

Challengers of the Unknown #21

Back when I was a boy in New Castle, PA, my father came home one day with a collie puppy. In a family with 5 children (sorry Kris, you wouldn't show up for a few years) it was almost impossible for everyone to agree on a name for the puppy. We all finally decided that each member of the family would write their choice for a name on a piece of paper and someone would pick the new name for the dog out of a hat. The piece of paper the was pulled from the hat had Cosmo written on it. It had been my father's name suggestion. No one, except Dad, was impressed with the name; but a deal was a deal, so the puppy was christened Cosmo. When we asked Dad why he had chosen such an odd name, he said, " I saw the name in a funny book that was laying around." The name stuck. Unfortunately, the dog didn't.

art @ DC Comics

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