Saturday, June 09, 2007

Illustration Friday: Suit

This is one of my linoleum cuts that I scanned and recolored digitally.


mike said...

Hey Ernie,
Suggestive dark piece. Nice. I looked over your blog and we stomp a lot of the same ground. Monsters are my favorite too. Check out my blog and you'll see I have a bunch of them posted.
Hope you'll stop by and leave a comment or two.

SLW said...

I love the look of prints. This is a nice response to Illustration Friday.

studio lolo said...

Nice to see yet another wonderful style from you Ernie! I like this, it's moody! I checked out your stores too. Lookin' good!!

Jana Bouc said...

Wow! I really like this. It's so interesting and a little spooky!

Mr said...

Hi Ernie,

You should check out She is a friend of mine and does a digital lino thing