Friday, August 17, 2007

Spooky Town

I could feel a sudden chill in the air today and I caught a faint, imaginary scent of candy corn; so I took a break from work to visit the local Michaels Craft Store. August is the time I begin to see Halloween items appearing in stores. Brashly displayed on the store shelves in Michaels were this year's collection of Lemax Spooky Town figures and buildings. It looks like there are a lot of new things I could add to my collection this year.

In 2006 I never got around to setting up my miniature Halloween village. Again, I am not sure if I have the room to set it up this year. As much as I love looking at it and setting it up, I just do not have the space to display it. Digging through the boxes and organizing it all gets harder every year. Maybe I need some more monster fans to shame me into setting it up for 2007!

1 comment:

Monster-Maniac said...

Ooo! Count me in! I'll shame you into it! I'd love to see!