Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spooky Town 3

I've continued to built the background. I also wanted a black cliff face on top of the speaker to the right. I carved one out of Styrofoam and painted it with matte acrylics. It hides the spot lights which I had mounted onto the side of the speaker.

Once I had positioned the new black cliff, I decided to cut a window opening into the new faux rock. It would allow you to see Dr. Frankenstein and the monster and to just make the big rock face seem less chunky. I did cut a small piece of glass for the opening; but I decided to just put some wonky tooth pick bars in the window.

You can also see some greenery appearing. When I take my evening walk, I find stones, pieces of bushes or small sticks to use. The trick to picking things to use in the miniature scene is to remember that the scale of the objects must appear to match, or fit into, the scene. If you were to put too thick of a stick in the scene, it wouldn't look like a tree. It just look out of place.

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