Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tales of the Mysterious Traveler ; #12

Above is a short 2 page filler story from Tales of the mysterious Traveler # 12, April, 1959. This issue only has Steve Ditko art on it's cover and on the "Win 8000 Prizes" page.

Sputnik 1 was launched by the Soviet Union in October 1957. It was the first artificial Earth satellite. It
orbited the Earth every 96.2 min and transmitted data about cosmic rays, meteorites, temperature, and air density. It lasted 57 days before its orbit decayed into a fiery reentry back into the Earth's atmosphere.

Sputnik 2 was launched on November 3, 1957. It carried a small 2 year old dog, a stray named Laika. Sputnik 2 relayed the first physiological data from space back to Earth. Sputnik 2 remained in orbit for 162 days. Laika died within a few hours. In April of 2008, a monument was unveiled to Earth's first space traveler.

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