Sunday, September 28, 2008

Orphan Works Act of 2008

Last week the Senate passed the Orphan Works Act by sneaking it through while news media and congress were more concerned with our recent economic crisis. This means that the House of Representatives must now pass the act for it to become law which will limit or do away with the rights of artists to own their own work in the United States. If you have the money to protect yourself, you may survive; but it is more likely that those with money will now have a legal way to take what is yours.

The creative freedom, which the Internet has spawned, will be altered forever. An artist will no longer be able to safely use the Internet to display any personal work, without the fear of losing ownership rights to that work. Check here for updates. Here is a link to several informative sites.

I personally plan not to vote for anyone in congress who has either voted for or did not bother to vote against this bill. This includes any Senator running for president. I need to check the records; but I have a strong intuition that I may not be voting in this year's presidential election.

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