Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

WELCOME OCTOBER!! Those letters always look so good to me when I turn the calender page over. I've already eaten a bag of candy corn and now the guilts start. I need to lay off the candy!

The pumpkin patch is continuing to expand. The vines seem to grow longer every day; but I cut the remaining sunflower down yesterday. It was on it's last legs and all the seeds had fallen onto the ground.

The results of my hand pollination are showing up. I counted 6 pumpkins growing and getting larger now. There are still both male and female blossoms popping out - but fewer male blossoms. If any but the one larger pumpkin is ready for Halloween, I will be amazed. I also noticed that some are nice traditional pumpkin ovals and a few are the longer, taller oval shaped ones.

That one large pumpkin is actually only about 8-10 inches long. As you can see it is beginning to change color from green to yellow-orange. I wonder if it will get larger, or is the size about set now?

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Ernie is a Proud Pumpkin Papa! Adorable picture of the little-un. I'm worried for it to be out there alone at night...