Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mad Lab ; Bats 4

Here is the opening story from the May, 1962 Tales Calculated to Drive You Bats # 4. The blue caped skin head is Igor, the host of the comic during it's short run.

The art by Orlando Busino has it's high points and it's less than stellar aspects. The opening splash panel is interesting for the way the lab equipment fills up the panel and makes the lab look cluttered. The coloring of that panel definitely helps organize and separate the background, middle ground and foreground within the art. A black and white version of the panel looks even more cluttered than the colored art. The remaining panels in the story are very simple and do not have as much detail in their backgrounds as the opening splash panel

I'm not impressed with the way the girl in the story is drawn. Her face is too different from the style of Busion's usual bulbous nosed characters. The same goes for the design for Igor; but he doesn't seem as out of place as the girl.

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