Monday, June 22, 2009

Frankie Stein: Color

I had nothing to do yesterday; so I spent several hours coloring these two pages from the Monster Fun Annual. I didn't follow the character colors from the magazine's cover very closely. For a monster mood, I decided to go with a mostly muted colors palette - with a few brighter hues, especially on the characters and on the sound effects. I also decided to leave the mad scientist's lab coat white, to pop the character to the front.

I was only going to use flat colors; but I thought a little gradation in the background would help with the illusion of more depth.

I hadn't seen the page to the right until I looked up more information about the Frankie Stein character. It looks like the updated look for the character was to have a nice purple background similar to the hue I picked. For some history on the character and some, now, old news about Frankie's return, go over to Speech Balloons to read the story about the attempt to bring Frankie Stein back into publication.

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Anonymous said...

Your pages look nice.

Uncle Ernie said...

Thanks. It was a good exercise to color pages in continualty. It makes me think about how color can help clarify the storytelling and add mood.