Sunday, June 21, 2009

Frankie Stein and his dad for Father's Day

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There is a copy of Monster Fun Annual 1982, from Great Britain, posted over at Crosseyed Cyclops. It is pretty obvious from what I post, I love funny monsters. When I can discover this type of material from other countries, that I never had the opportunity to see, I just want to see more and more of it - to catch up on what I have missed.

My own humor is about as wry and dry as a lot of low key British humor; so I love this stuff. I don't get all the cultural jokes. I wondered, "What are conkers?" After I looked it up, it was about what I had guessed it might be.

Sometime in the future I may try to digitally color these pages. Black and white are my colors of choice; but it would be a good exercise to color this up. If I do, I'll post it.

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