Saturday, July 04, 2009

MythBusters meet Zambelli Fireworks: Happy 4th of July

I seem to be at a nexus point. The small town where I grew up in Western Pennsylvania was never short on great fireworks displays in the summer. Zambelli Fireworks Internationale is still operating out of that same small town. The crossing of two of my life paths is that MythBusters is centered here in the San Francisco bay area and I think even out of the old Navy base I was stationed at. OOOO, spooky mommy.

Zambelli is not the only fireworks company in town. Pyrotechnico, Vitale Family Fireworks, is also located there.

New Castle has been crowned, by whom I don't know, the FIREWORKS CAPITOL OF AMERICA. The irony is, it is illegal to sell fireworks in Pennsylvania; but companies who put on professional displays are a different matter. If you happen to be in New Castle, Pa. next Saturday, you can enjoy their annual fireworks festival.

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