Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Horrors of It All

The Horrors of it All is a wonderful place to read, primarily, pre-code old horror stories. There is a nice selection of mad scientists stories there.


Kris said...

What is pre-code?

Uncle Ernie said...

In the early 1950's, and other times in the history of comic books and comic strips, comic books were attacked for their violent and inappropriate content and were seen as a cause of juvenile delinquency. To avoid any imposed government regulating of their industry and to cool down the growing public concern about comics, the comic book publishers established the industries self regulating Comics Code Authority in 1954.

Pre-Code refers to comic book published before the Comics Code Authority began. After the Code was established, stories and art were submitted to the Comics Code Authority for approval before they could be published. More correctly, before the comic could display the Approved Comic Code Authority stamp on the cover of the books.