Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Magic Carpet Burn has a great post about THIMK Magazine, from the late 1950's. I was around, but I was still primarily interested in SPOOKY, HOT STUFF, and some DC mystery comics.

I did find these Rapidshare links to more issues of THIMK and I tried to do a recreation of the t-shirt, with Otis Dracenstein's gruesome mug, offered from the old magazine. If there is any interest, I could offer it up at one of my online t-shirt sites.

SORRY, BUT THE LINKS TO RAPIDSHARE APPEAR TO HAVE EXPIRED. IF anyone finds good links to the files, I'll update these.


Kris said...


Gerard said...

Can you please re-upload issue nr 4?
That would be GREAT !!

Uncle Ernie said...

Sorry. The links were to someone's files. I hope you can find fresh links somewhere.

Uncle Ernie said...

Yikes!! I just noticed that someone has taken my art for the t-shirt and is selling it on Zazzle. I hope my check is in the mail.