Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Thing From Another World - OOPS!

A movie that I usually save for a cold winter's night is 1951's "The Thing from Another World!" One of the problems with having watched a movie many times is you pick-up on all the little mistakes that were made in the continuity but made it into the final print of the film. There are web sites dedicated to listing all the little mistakes made in films. "The Thing" is not free of its share of problems. There is one place in this movie where I stop watching the film and wait for this little problem to be over with. It is small, but it's irksome.

The character of Tex is the radio operator with a group of scientists at the North Pole. This first screen capture is from somewhere in the first 10 minutes of the movie. Tex is calling an  en routeAir Force plane sent to help investigate a mystery the scientist have observed. It must have been someones idea to use this scene as a chance to have some special effects and to help establish the harsh and cold environment outside the scientist's camp.

In the last third of the movie, as the outside guard has been given up, Captain Hendry calls Tex to order him to abandon the radio room and to come to the mess hall. This is what Tex says, "I'll be all right. I got the door braced good and there's no outside windows." I guess those poorly insulated panes must have been eliminated sometime after that first call to the en route air Force plane.

It's a small thing; but I always need to hold my breath at this point of the movie and wait for the cool burning creature scenes coming up.

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