Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Coconut Durian Candy

One of my daily tasks is to walk to the neighborhood produce store for vegetables and fruit for the day. Today the owner offered me an unusual candy sample.

Several years ago there were a couple of Food Network shows about traveling the globe to try odd, weird, or shocking local foods from around the world. The host of one of these shows admitted to having tried about every seemingly uneatable thing available. The one thing that beat him was a fruit - durian. He literally just could not get past the smell, to swallow the ripe fruit. I have been a bit afraid to try the fruit since then.

A friend let me try a little durian mixed into a milkshake once and it wasn't bad; but I could barely taste or smell anything unusual.

This candy was good. It wasn't too sweet. The coconut flavor was very faint. A stronger "other" predominant taste must have been the durian. The mix of flavors in my mouth was like a slightly odd taste of pineapple and coconut - but not scary at all.

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Kris said...

Sounds like a pina colada. You get a gold star for trying something new!