Sunday, June 24, 2012

John Carter DVD

I Finally found the time to watch Disney's recent John Carter DVD release. As I expected, I did enjoy watching the movie without the distraction of 3D. Watching the movie for a second time also helped make the story less confusing. The hope for this film must have been to introduce the characters for a possible 3 film trilogy.  A lot of background information is presented; but a lot of knowledge about Burroughs' stories from the books, by the audience, is assumed.

It was worth giving the movie a second try on this DVD. The visuals and special effects, especially the digital animation on the Tharks is impressive. Taylor Kitsch's performance as the former confederate army officer from Virginia, transported in time and space to Mars, still doesn't work for me. I would have preferred something between the broader British style of acting of many of the other actors and the mumbling, brooding interpretation of John Carter by Kitsch.

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