Monday, October 07, 2013

Dark Shadows Werewolf

When I was still just a pup, I didn't watch the soap opera Dark Shadows.  It's run on ABC was from 1966 into 1971. Our family's tv antenna didn't pick up the ABC affiliate station's weak signal from 50 miles away. Recently, I have begun to watch a few episodes on Netflix. I haven't reached the point where this werewolf character has been introduced, but Chris Jennings, as the werewolf, has a rather nice shirt also. Is it a wool shirt, maybe a Pendleton?  Should there be a "werewolf" Project Runway competition.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Never watched Dark Shadows, before my time and just never landed on my radar. :(

Uncle Ernie said...

As a soap opera, it can be tedious to watch. I find myself wishing for the story to move along faster. I was surprised that the vampire Barnabas is such an evil character.

Raymond Betancourt said...

I always thought that the theme music at the beginning of the show was the best part.