Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays 2013


This year seems to be the Year-of-the-Sasquatch for me. Bigfoot feels like it has taken the place of Mother Nature as a symbol for keeping the environment in good shape. I have drawn several bigfoot sketches during the year. When it became time to come up with a Christmas card, I began thinking about our crypto-hominid friend having a quiet moment.


Anonymous said...

This was one of your best.

Uncle Ernie said...

Thank you. This one almost didn't happen. I wasn't going to make a card for 2013; but I missed doing it. I rushed this one together and, as usual, as I worked the idea developed.

Derek M. Koch said...

I would love to buy this as a card to give to friends and family this Christmas! Nice work!

Uncle Ernie said...

Thanks! I appreciate you dropping by and liking this one. I have a soft furry spot for bigfoot.