Friday, June 22, 2007

Captain America #110, Hulk Special #1

By 1968 and 1969 standard monsters were not as popular in comic books as superheros. The Hulk continued to be a crossover between the genres. These two covers are by Jim Steranko. His art always had a graphic, well designed style. The covers he drew were often more iconic representations of the characters rather than straight illustrations from the stories inside the books. His art had little to do with realism. It was about attitude, style and storytelling.

Steranko's storytelling was often experimental and showed influences
form earlier comic book artists Will Eisner and Bernard Krigstein. Eisner used the title page of a comic story and lettering as an integral part of his narrative technique. Krigstein often used the panel structure and layout of a page to add emphasis and alter the timing in his storytelling. Steranko used both of these techniques to good effect in his work and influenced many of the future comic book artists.

art @ Marvel Comics

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