Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More Luis Dominguez

I thought I would take a quick look into one of my comic book boxes for a few more examples of Luis Dominguez's cover artwork. This time, the art is from one of the popular line of mystery books DC Comics was publishing in the 1970s. These are from Ghosts, which was published from late 1971 until early 1982.

There were many examples of his work to choose from and a few that I thought looked like his art; but I could not find his LD initials on those covers. His style is realistic, for comic books, and it is well suited to the thriller/mystery genre of books DC was publishing in the 1970s. There is not a lot of distorting of proportions or an over emphasis on musculature on these covers. A bit of melodramatic body language is present; but for the most part, the characters look like regular people caught in horrific situations. They do not look like superheroes in civilian clothing who are just waiting for a chance to burst out of their clothing, flash a colorful uniform, and start battling evil.

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Monster-Maniac said...

Wonderful artwork.