Monday, September 10, 2007

Spooky Town 1

I have started to dig through my Spooky Town boxes to organize a rebuilding of the town for 2007. During this week I will post the progress.

The first stage, after finding just the right spot to build the town, is to place the moss mat down. That is a large piece of black felt tacked to the wall behind the table. I then put the large build-up platforms and then some of the larger display pieces in place. It always works best to think about starting big and broad before any of the detail work. I couldn't remember exactly how I had placed everything in the past; so this is a bit of a change from past years.

The moss mat and the large flat platforms can be purchased. The smaller Styrofoam cliffs, toxic creek bed and stairs are things I carved and painted. With this new layout I will probably need to make a few new things this year.

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