Monday, May 19, 2008

Spotty the Pup

Overstreet lists 1964's Super Comics' Famous Funnies #18 as reprints. The splash panel for "The Coo Coo Cowboy" has the initials F.C. Any idea who F.C. might be? I see the initials on some other stories in Avon books from the early 1950's - especially Space Mouse. I am guessing Frank Carin (Carino) is the artist and maybe writer also.

This post war style of humor comic always make me think of the early work of Robert Crumb and his older brother Charles.


Pappy said...

Thanks for identifying this artist as Frank Carin. I have Super Pup #4 (first of only two issues) from Avon and wondered who drew it.

Uncle Ernie said...

From what little I can find about him, he seems to have been a very versatile artist.