Friday, March 09, 2012

John Carter

Since hearing that a Disney/Pixar version of Edgar Rice Burroughs' influential character John Carter was in the works, I have had high hope for a movie that could put on film the visual excitement of Barsoom, Burroughs' Mars, and capture the since of wonder this story has inspired in others for 100 years .

There are some nice visual moments in the film but perhaps a lot of the interest in the characters either got lost in the editing room or may have never been there. The storytelling seemed rushed along. I am still not sure who the main villain was. If the series continues, there were 10 novels, I hope attention will be put to one strong story line, and not be as scattered as this first movie is.

Lynn Collins, as the Dejah Thoris character, was a pleasant surprise. From seeing trailers, I had not expected much from her performance; but she and the visuals helped save the movie.

I saw the 3D version, my first time with 3D, and I found it a disappointing and hazy experience. I am hoping to see a DVD version without 3D when it is released. I may enjoy it more.

I wonder what anyone unfamiliar with the novels thinks of the movie?

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