Saturday, October 05, 2019

Happy October 2019

I wanted to have some fun with a Happy Halloween drawing for this year before I became busy with other projects. The Japanese at the bottom of the pumpkin art reads, "Kabocha Goblins" and "Happy Halloween."
When I asked a native Japanese friend to check my script, her corrections were mainly concerned with the direction and order the strokes had been put down. This is her approved version.

I was told "kabocha goblins" is the closest translation into English for how I wrote "kabocha no obake." Other friends have told me "obake" is like a ghost or spirit of an object.

Tanuki's Dream
I did ask if my Japanese for the Weird or Strange Raccoon Dog's dream is correct. The Japanese may be correct; but if you see an angry tanuki this Halloween, let me know how it looked, not if it needed glassed but, it's appearance. I would like to know how close I guessed the cute tanuki's Hyde version.


Scanned pencils, digital finishes.


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