Thursday, October 22, 2020

A CookieDoodle

 I drew another CookieDoodle art parody. One of the iconic comic book covers from the 1970's was by Bernie Wrightson for DC's House of Secrets #92.  Len Wein and Wrightson created the character of Swamp Thing for a one off story in that DC anthology comic, but the character is still going strong today.

There is nothing too ominous about my parody of that cover, unless you wish not to share your baked goods.

I can not find that I posted my first try at a CookieDoodle. Here is that splash page parody of the story by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby from Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four # 51.

Scanned pencils, digital finishes.

Sesame Street characters @ Sesame Workshop

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